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Dear Friends,

Academic settings have a rhythm all their own, a rhythm that is driven by the beginnings and endings of each semester. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with the end of a semester is quickly replaced by the anticipation and renewed energy of the new semester. For Mount Mary University this is especially true, as we continue to develop the ideas and practices that are transforming our campus into a “creative campus” where creative thinking is infused into the curriculum, co-curriculum and administrative offices. Each semester brings new developments.

Intensive research and strategizing over the last year has allowed us to identify those thinking skills that can be taught and most importantly can be measured. As our graduates enter the marketplace, they will be highly sought after employees, not only for their competence in their majors but also for their ability to think in fresh and innovative ways.

Our emphasis on creativity has also led to a partnership with GE Healthcare, resulting in an extensive training program.  Initially, this training was offered to a limited group of faculty, students and staff, who were guided through exercises that developed our design thinking skills. Having been trained, these same staff members are now sharing these practices with their colleagues in our own workshops. Throughout the year our students will continue to work on interdisciplinary projects with GE. These real world projects will result in solutions to problems of social relevance.

Our Women’s Leadership Institute is also promoting creativity and has been instrumental in facilitating our new relationship with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a world renown  leadership development program. While best known for  working with major businesses and corporation, the CCL is extending its reach to higher education and has entered into a three-year partnership with Mount Mary, bringing research and programming expertise into the classroom and accelerating creative leadership skills for tomorrow’s women professionals.

As the rhythms of the coming semesters continue to reveal both accomplishments and anticipation, I look forward to sharing all of it with you. Please follow our website as well, at to learn how Mount Mary is transforming lives by transforming how we educate.

Eileen Schwalbach, Ph.D. 

President – Mount Mary University