Why major in Mathematics at Mount Mary?

Did you know that math is one of the top career areas today? Out of 200 different jobs, JobsRated.com recently ranked mathematician as the #1 job based on stress, work environment, physical demands, income and job outlook. As a mathematics major at Mount Mary University, you can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will serve you for life and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

High-Demand, Well-Paying Career Opportunities

Mount Mary’s mathematics degree program prepares you for a successful career in fields that require a strong foundation in mathematics, mathematics teaching or for graduate study. Discover more about mathematics careers.

Rigorous Curriculum

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree, as well as a minor in mathematics. The curriculum promotes analytical and quantitative thinking through a variety of courses.

Math Activities Outside of Class

Mount Mary offers an honor society for math students, as well as numerous other student clubs and organizations. Learn more about math student activities.

Scholarships for Math Majors

As a mathematics major, you may be eligible for the S. Mary Petronia Van Straten Annual Scholarship or Alterhoffen Annual Scholarship. Contact the mathematics chairpersonfor more information. Learn more about Mount Mary scholarships.

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