Applying to Caroline Hall

In order to apply to live in Caroline Hall at Mount Mary University you must complete the follow steps below. Only once both the Caroline Hall Housing Application and Housing Security Deposit are both submitted will your application be considered complete. Additionally, Residence Life has a May 1 priority deadline for applicants. You may apply after the May 1 date but room preference and space availability will be given to applicants who apply prior to May 1.

Choose your preferred room style

Whether you value the quiet of a single room or family-like feel of a suite, you can indicate a preference for the room-style you prefer when you submit your Caroline Hall Housing Application. Your room-style preference is taken into account by Residence Life when assigning you. Residence Life will use your highest preference available. Please note that each room type has a different rate per semester. 

  • Triple room with community bathroom
  • Double room with community bathroom
  • Single room with community bathroom
  • Triple room with private bathroom
  • Double room with private bathroom
  • Single suite (two single rooms joined by a shared bathroom)
  • Single room with private bathroom

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Assignment policies

Residence Life releases assignments throughout the summer as we prepare for move in day in August. The first round is the largest round of assignments and is typically released in early June. In your assignment letter you will get your room number, type, and roommate information (if applicable). Additionally, there will be information about move-in day as well.

As a result, you may not hear anything until early June about the status of your application. If you are concerned about whether your application/deposit was received please contact your Admissions Counselor or Residence Life (contact information below)

Finding the right space and roommate for You

Residence Life uses your highest room preference when assigning the student to a space. Due to space limitations, some room types may not be available when your application is processed for assignment. As a result, you may not get your first, second, or even third choice but know that this room was the best available. 

Additionally, Residence Life will place students together who indicate their roommate preference on their application. If a student does not indicate a roommate preference, then Residence Life pairs the student to the next closest application based on the other questions in the application. The best way to ensure a great fit is to answer all the Housing Application questions as honestly and accurate as possible.

Notifications and timelines

There are three important dates/timelines for applying to live on campus. Below is a brief outline of these timelines, if you have any questions please contact the Office of Residence Life:

  • May 1st – Priority Deadline for Applications
  • Early June – First round of Assignments Sent (please allow for mail carrier processing time)
  • August 22, 2018 – New Student Move-In Day

Reapplication for returning students

Students who are currently living on campus in the Spring Semester have the opportunity to reapply for their room during that Spring Semester. The residents will not need to submit a new Housing Application or Security Deposit. Each Spring Semester advertisements, emails, and information will be distributed to residents with how to reapply for the following academic year.

Applying to Mary John Place

In order to apply to live in the Mary John Place apartments at Mount Mary University you must complete the follow steps below. Only once both the Mary John Place Housing Application and Housing Security Deposit are both submitted will your application be complete. Please note that you must be a graduate student to live at Mary John Place. Additionally, Mary John Place has a rolling assignment process. Residence Life will work to assign students as soon as possible if space is available.

Choose your preferred room style

Mary John Place has two assignment types available. The first is a Single Apartment Occupancy assigns a single student to an entire 2 bedroom apartment. This provides the student with the option of privacy and/or family living (Please contact Residence Life for more information). The second assignment time is a Double Occupancy Apartment which assigns the student to one of the two bedrooms in the 2 bedroom unit. For both of these options, the rates are fixed and all inclusive.

Finding an apartment-mate

Students can request an apartment-mate when they apply via the application above. However, if a student does not request an apartment-mate, Residence Life will make every effort to find a good pairing of apartment-mates based on the application information. As a result, the best way to get paired with good apartment-mate is to answer honestly on the application.

Renewal options for Mary John Place

Students who living in Mary John Place will have the opportunity to renew their contract 45 days prior to the end of their current contracts term. Residence life will contact the student prior to the deadline. The student will not need to submit a new Housing Application or Security Deposit.

View room and board rates.

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